Sky-Watcher sells a range of shutter-release adapters to their Star Adventurer and Star Adventurer Mini tracker mounts, but not for Panasonic.
Dosn't matter if the other mFT-standard brand is covered, Panasonic is not.

If your Panasonic sports the 2.1mm 4-way mini-jack contact, you can buy a third party cable like this (not easy to find this exact combo):

Ok, let's name the contacts of the plugs like this.
S is Star Adventurer side.
P is Panasonic side.
The contacts are numbered 1 to respectively 3 or 4.
S1 and P1 are the tips of the plugs.

  • S1 (tip) -> P3 (some resistance) and P4 (almost zero resistance).
  • Same with S2.
  • S3 (tip) -> P3 (zero resistance) and P4 (some resistance).
  • Current is blocked elsewhere.

I read somewhere that the Pana remote-release circuits should have some resistance by design.
Not sure if this specimen is quite right though, but it works!

Worked with a GH2 and a GH3.
Please note: While my Canon 5D2 fires with camera-set shutter speed if not set to "B", the Pana screens flashes a little when it should take a picture, but none taken!
This far, all works well when correctly set to "B".

A piece of advice:
Check that your camera actually has the usual Panasonic 2.5mm 4-way contact for mic and remote release.
Mysteriously, they left that out with the GX80/85 that I planned to use :(